Videos from the Box Room

So, I’ve done a video for each song on the Box Room album, and despite the fact that no-one comes on here to look at this stuff anyway, here….

Firstly, track number 1, A Dramatic Title.

Track number 2, Trouble at Mill.

Track number 3, one of my favourites on the album. Something I recorded a few years ago but rejigged massively for this album – Onions in Yer Eyes.

Track 4, Jesus, Close the Curtains. The first video I made for all this, as a kind of trailer. I like it.

Track 5. It’s depressing calling things ‘track’ isn’t it.

Song 6, Jesus, Shut the Blinds. This one has colour (remember that?) and documents the daily fucking grind.

Song 7, All Meithered, Me. Here, things take a sharp decline into crippling sadness and death. Watch the bad man reign terror on his small town.

Song 8! Milk. Cats, beautiful cats, falling in love.

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