Review / Bored Nothing


Everybody knows, outside of Wakefield, there is no-one that does guitar-pop quite like the Australians.

On average, them underneath spew out a pop gem every 14 seconds. Sometimes the world sits up and takes note: Tame ImpalaThe Temper Trap – sigh, Gotye. Other times the world is stupid. Had The Camels been from Manhattan with rich parents, they would have had Kerrang’s slimey digits all over them. Had Little Red kept beards and been from Austin TX, Jools Holland might still be with us. God rest his soul.

Bored Nothing, then. A slacker from Melbourne, with a penchant for the 90s and a 4-track. Straight away, alarm bells. Can I really hack another one of these things? Bleached hair and flannel shirts, lazy vocal slurs about popcorn and having shit for brains, fuzzy bass and reverby everything else? Turns out, yeah I can thanks. And it’s pretty lovely.

Taken from a number of EPs young Mr Nothing has put out on his own over the past couple of years, this is – of sorts – a best of, cherry picked by the good people at Spunk Records. They’ve done a nice job too.

At this point, if I was unbearable, or a Music Writer, I would say something haunting like “The soft and distant melodies wash over you like waves of soft and distant melody waves..” or “The fast songs are mega..” and we could all go home feeling pleased with ourselves. As it is, I have a slow brain and can’t think good. It does feel great when listening to this record though, and it has made me want to track down the rest of the back catalogue. You should know that.

There are touches of The Strokes and Shout Out Louds and Velvet Underground in there, there’s shoegazey reverb and distorted drums all over the place, and although I can nary make out a word he says, the melodies are beautiful and fairly relentless. Occasionally, he veers sharply down Elliott Smith Avenue and gets lost for a while. But it’s forgivable, as we’re all a little guilty of that sometimes.

A cracking guitar-pop record, out 8th April on the ever-lovely Spunk Records with Cooperative Music here in the UK, and I advise you to go and get it right away. It’s what Jools would have wanted.

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