Cheesy Puffs Vol. 1 – Bobby’s

Here we are. Part 1 of the exciting new feature, Cheesy Puffs.

Straight to it, starting with a current favourite of mine, Bobby’s Cheesy Curls.

Bobby's 1

Good strong cheese flavour, not too salty. We like that. Excellent texture, with a good level of grease once you get past the initial crunch. Mid-level orangeness over a yellow maize base, but still a fine level of finger residue. (Really, you want as deep an orange hue as possible, all the way through. But when you do get that, it’s often at the expense of a strong texture. Fucking life.)

In short, really great.

Price: 42p for 40g. Great value. Contains milk and gluten, but suitable for vegetarians.

Score: 4/5

Bobby's 2

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