A New Thing

A new year, a new thing.
Luckily, 2014 is The Year of Opportunity, so I bring you nothing but warmth and handshakes and reminders that if you do get any opportunities, please remember me to your shareholders or your great aunt. I’m nice. And my great aunt is estranged. And northern (poor). Last year was The Year of Regret. Sorry about that.
HEY! I have a thing.
This will be the first email of (two or three) many and I’m going to say a few things that will either please you or grind you down. Sorry about that too. Firstly, I have been drinking. My wife is working nights this week and I never see her (even though we both have crap jobs that we don’t care about, so shouldn’t be working shitty opposite hours – OH HAI LONDON!) but I have also just watched the new Justice League: War film, so I’m in that sad/drunk/happy limbo where it could turn at any point.
First news is I have a new music album out soon. It’s called Goodbye, Cagoule World and it’s out for real towards the end of April. I’m not sure what day, but it doesn’t really matter does it? It’s about a half an hour long with a strong emphasis on fucking it all off and running away. Like a short Nick Drake album if he wasn’t well posh and could afford to fuck it all off and run away if he wanted to. *
Here is the bandcamp link to the pre-order —> http://audioantihero.bandcamp.com/album/goodbye-kagoul-world-single <—- It’s available on CD and STRESS BALL. How cool is that? A mother-hootin stress ball! I don’t know, I thought it was cool at the time. I was probably just projecting. I like it anyway, and I kinda want one myself. LIMITED NUMBERS ETC. SO GRAB THEM WHILE THEY’RE HOT!!!!
Second news is there is no second news. But there is a video. Do watch it – I like it and it’s had around 12 views so far, which is a bit of a shame. It has dogs and sad bunnies, so I really don’t know why it shouldn’t be a global super mega-hit. ——> http://youtu.be/55QqEfBAQxI
Oh! It’s been a while, but there’s a show in south London, supporting the talented Thomas Truax. April 16th at the Ivy House. Looks like a lovely place. Come!
Ok, that’s about all for now. There will be more updates, I’m sure. I hope you enjoy the songs.
Thanks for sticking with me, misery guts that I am.
* It’s nothing like a Nick Drake album, as only 50% of the songs will be used on car adverts

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