I shoulda posted about this long ago, but here we are, I’m a lazy fuck. New album that came out in July. Here’s what I wrote on my mailout at the time…


So, new record. “Guppy”. Out on Tokyo’s very own Kirigirisu Recordings, home of Broken Shoulder, Core of the Coalman, and France. Yep, France. It’s all part of the plan, y’see. The last record did quite well, probably the most successful release so far, thanks to Young Jamie at Audio Antihero, so what better way to capitalise on that success than to release an unlistenable* record on an obscure Japanese noise label.
It’s out on the 13th July, but you can pre-order it now from
Kirigirisu do a lovely line of handpackaged CDRs, so there’s a limited amount (72 exactly!!) of those if you want one. They seem to be going fast though, so you better shake a leg. Or the good old download.
Excitingly, the prices are in Yen, but the exchange rate is great at the moment, so it all works out dead cheap. Though, let’s hope when the royalty cheques start flowing, the Yen has picked up a bit, yaknowwhatImean.
Honestly, I really like this album. There’s one song up there now to listen to, and it kinda has the general vibe of the album. So, do that.

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