Laughing, ha ha


So turns out, in the time from deciding on a new name to do music under, to prepping the name change with an album under that name first, to actually releasing something under that name… another band beat me to it. So that’s me fucked. It was a shit name anyway, let’s face it. And really, does anybody care?

So here you go, back to the drawing board, free downloads all around.




I had a whole thing to write but it’s all gone to shit.

I got a bit panicky earlier about work tomorrow (I ran away to Melbourne recently, and I’m currently a Customer Service Superstar for Australia’s Leading Supermarket Loyalty Points Program) so I got depressed and then drunk. And now here I am. So please excuse all the mistakes and stupidness.

The main gist of the email was just gonna be that I did a new album :::::


And then I was gonna say some clever things about why I’ve gone under a different name this time around, but it’s all gone to seed.

I like Benjamin Shaw, he’s a nice guy, but really, as handsome as he is, it feels more and more inexcusable for an unsuccessful singer-songwriter to be still doing this shit under his own name in his 30s. That’s about it.

It always did feel embarrassing, but maybe now I’m pushing it.

Yep, excitingly, not only am I deeply ashamed of myself on a day to day level, I also hate my artistic and spiritual self too. So that’s good.

So yeah, buy this! For the dollars! But you can get it for free if you go into each track separately and download it that way. That’s A-OK.

Cheers, and thanks for the nice replies over the years, etc. It’s cool. Hope you well.

2 thoughts on “Laughing, ha ha

  1. It would be so cool if indie rock star Benjamin Shaw could vote to support a community solar power project in the city of Norwich, England. Is there any chance of this happening, do you?

    Lots of love,

    Matt White @ohdiddums


    Solar Power for Silver Road Community Centre | M&S Energy Help us turn our community centre solar-powered, so we can be a more environmentally friendly and financially secure venue.


    • i don’t know about rock star Benjamin Shaw, but slightly miserable sitting on his couch watching wrestling Benjamin Shaw would be more than happy to. Done.

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