for your ears

Possibly the end of the London albums. All about giving up, running away and fucking it all off. Woo!

Lots of tape hiss, lots of tape samples, tape, tape, tape. It sounds nice.
Released on the Glass Reservoir Record label.

The debut album properrr. It took forever and I haven’t listened to it since, but from what I can remember, it is pretty good. It seems to have polarized people in reviews, which I suppose is good, but still a little odd when people end their piece with “..please make it stop.”

Written, recorded and released in a month, this is a noisy affair.

Helpful tip: get it for free by putting ‘0’ in the ‘name your price’ bit. Yes madam, a bargain.

The debut record, out on the wonderful Audio Antihero Records. It be called ‘I Got the Pox, the Pox is What I Got’ and I can admit that it was the first thing I ever recorded that I’m actually proud of.

That’s the main stuff. There’s a fair bit more over at the bandcamp page. Cheers.


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